I do everything I possibly can… and still screw it up

With money being so short at the moment the expression “having to watch the pennies” takes on a new meaning.

Trying to keep track of the finances when you’ve suffered a mild TBI and have so little coming in is particularly difficult.

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The association of porridge

Seaweed lettuce and egg porridge

Seaweed lettuce and egg porridge

Yes, strange title for a blog post.
It’s almost a year since I last posted on here, but such is life.
I was only thinking this morning that it’s about time I started putting my thoughts and experiences down in writing again and then, lo and behold, the perfect opportunity (reason) presents itself.
Things have been somewhat difficult lately so a quick summary of the past 12 months may be appropriate to help set the scene.
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Three years, ten months, three days…

That’s how long it’s taken since the accident to finally see those words in writing… 3 long years, 10 long months, 3 long days.

Not just in writing either… in bold letters !

In a medical report commissioned by my solicitor and produced by
“Dr ##########, MBChB, MPhil, MD, FRCPsych
Consultant/Part Time Senior Lecturer in Neuropsychiatry & Psychological Medicine”

…on balance of probability it is more likely that a mild traumatic brain injury occurred.

Hallelujah !!! Those four words at last.
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Sweetie – the marathon running hamster

Sweetie - the marathon running hamster Sweetie, the Marathon Running Hamster,
has helped to raise over £5,000 for Fife Headway.

Find out how by visiting her blog !

Sometimes it all gets too much

Well it’s been a while since I posted on here, but I just need to get this recorded and off my chest.

Last weekend I lent some friends of mine (S & A) £20 as they were running short just coming up to his pay day. It was a struggle for me to do it because things are very tight for me too just now, but as A promised faithfully that I would get it back by the middle of the week (Tuesday was S’s pay day), I agreed.
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Should a pre-existing condition be considered a reducing factor when assessing the amount of compensation due in a personal injury claim ?

There has been something of a problem lurking around in the background regarding the legal case against the woman who ran me over.

How relevant is any pre-existing condition that the injured party may have ?

We are talking about brain injuries here, concussions, and the way that the psyche of the injured party may influence their recovery.
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Some good news, lots of bad news

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here, and I was going to try to put something up this weekend anyway, but having opened the mail when I got home … well, now I need to talk.

My solicitor had phoned me the other day to say that he wanted to arrange a video conference with myself and my appointed Advocate in the court case against the woman who ran me over.  He suggested a date and time for next Tuesday afternoon, to which I agreed because (as far as I could remember) the only appointment I had next week was with the osteopath on Wednesday.  I subsequently realised that next Tuesday morning is my long-awaited dental appointment at the hospital (I consider 11 months to be a long wait) when I will be having at least two teeth removed.

During our telephone conversation he had also mentioned that he had received the OK to arrange a report on my condition from an expert.
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